Reusable liquid rocket engine test by DLR

DLR’s Institute of Structures and Design is responsible for developing a reusable liquid rocket engine. The design is thereby based on ceramic engine components which are specifically qualified due to their high thermal shock resistance and high-temperature applicability.  Thus, innovative design methods become possible allowing such systems to be reused. Furthermore, advanced manufacturing technologies are used for the highly complex injector head component designed by DLR. Partner 3D Systems printed the prototype injector for LOX/kerosene operation via additive layer manufacturing on a ‘ProX DMP 320 metal printer’ at its manufacturing site in Belgium.

For experimental testing, DLR provided an integrated setup. Partner PLD Space set up and operated a high-pressure rocket engine test bench in Teruel, Spain.

DLR Article: SMILE project: First hot firing tests of LOX/kerosene rocket engine with 3D-printed injector