SMILE Final Review

<p><span class="bp-first-letter">O</span>n 11 and 12 December 2018, NLR hosted the Final R</p>

DLR and PLD successfully completed hot firing tests

<p><span class="bp-first-letter">I</span>n hot firing tests in September 2018, a research team led by DLR subjected</p>

Successful first launch of hybrid engine by Nammo

<p><span class="bp-first-letter">O</span>n Thursday 27 September Nammo successfully completed the first launch of N</p>

Successful final engine test by Nammo

<p><span class="bp-first-letter">O</span>n July 5, 2018, Nammo conducted a final, successful ground test of the Nuc</p>

Sensitive NLR-developed electronics for Stratos III rocket survives vibration

<p><span class="bp-first-letter">T</span>he beginning of June, a so-called ‘avionics box’ developed by the Netherla</p>

Hybrid engine test by Nammo

<p><span class="bp-first-letter">N</span>ammo is close to completing a rocket engine that will make green space pro</p>

Reusable liquid rocket engine test by DLR

<p><span class="bp-first-letter">D</span>LR’s Institute of Structures and Design is responsible for developing a re</p>

Prime Minister Mark Rutte

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte visits the SMILE Project

<p><span class="bp-first-letter">O</span>n October the 5th 2016 the Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte was invited by </p>

Announcement of the SMILE launcher at the European Space Solutions Conference

<p><span class="bp-first-letter">B</span>y Collin Beers, division manager of Aerospace Vehicles of NLR, Prof. Dr. P</p>

Start of design for concept SMall Innovative Launcher for Europe (SMILE)

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SMILE Final Review

On 11 and 12 December 2018, NLR hosted the Final Review of the SMILE project in Amsterdam. The results of the project were to European Commission representatives and the project partners. The project was performed in good cooperation and good spirit within the consortium, and with good guidance from the EC and experts. The results will contribute to a SMall Innovative Launcher for Europe which will provide independent access to space.